Music speaks a universal language!

***Welcome * Salure * Добро пожаловать * Bienvenue *

   * 歓迎   hoşgeldin * مرحبا بكم    Willkommen * Bem-vindowelkom   Benvingut * Yookoso * 歡迎 *   maligayang


*"George Bridgetower", portrayal*

Benvingut * Yookoso * 歡迎 *   maligayang pagdating * Byenven          خوش آمدید  * Dobrodošao * Merħba * Добредојдовте * 형. 환영받는; 반겨지는*


***Music Instructions***

Voice, Violin-Viola, Piano, Rhythm and Ear training.

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   Offering lessons in the Shaw studio location and the D.M.V area and  home locations Metro-rail stations
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"Live" Classical and Jazz and and everything with a MELODY...

It is well documented and proven exposing children to music and the creative arts is important for the fundamental elements toward a logical thought process and schematic reasoning. 

Music is organic FUN for kids and the aged, all together!


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