RAYCURT JOHNSON aka FIDDLA, Violin-Viola-Voice-Piano

"Live", presentations in various genres of music becomes a formidable Violinist and Singer/Entertainer.

Recordings with artists throughout the U.S. and Europe.

 He has performed with great notables such as Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Bette Midler, and Carmen Mac Cray. Akademisches Festival Orchestra, Leipzig,           Kammerorchester de St. Laurentius, in Dessau, Germany.                    National Gallery of Art Orchestra, and the                  American University Symphony.  La Fete Musique.                        MTA-Music Under New York. 

Activist for "LIVE" music in public access spaces:                1. Founder of the D.C. Troubadours, "C.A.T.S."                (Capitol Area Troubadour Society), Washington, D.C. 1986

2. Bridgetower String Quartet were the original musical groups to performer in the MUNY, was  "Music Under New York" Subway Program, Grand Central Station. 1985,                       The program has brought joyous and engaging music to the commuting public.

3. Member of "Sounds of the Underground",                London England. 2006. 

4. Strassen Musikers des U-Bahn, Berlin, Germany 

Until the day that hate an war are gone ---maybe never Fiddla Plays on...Raycurt.com


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